The name comes from my friends calling me the Leather Goddess when I walk into a room dressed in my motorcycle leathers. How could I not enjoy being called Leather Goddess? So I took the name on for my work.

My leather work practice blossomed out of a choice to try my hand at the craft for my holiday gifts back in 1992. Through word of mouth and requests for more items the work slowly built up to the point at which I realized - I have a quality product that others might desire and a way to help support myself that I really enjoy. Thus, I slowly increased my business to the point where now I have this website in the hopes to reach more people and offer an easier way to reach me and take care of my customers leather needs.

I have found that I feel more fulfilled and do my best work on pieces that are exciting to my customer and unique to their desires. Thus my choice to do only commissioned items. My creativity and love of my work is peaked when I have the opportunity to tool a beautiful, one-of-a-kind item in rich leather

I frequently say that if you can envision it in leather, I can likely create it. I thrill to the challenge of a new idea and at the same time love bringing an old piece of clothing back to life for someone and seeing their eyes light up as they put it on again.

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